Dancer Choreographer Movement Educator


New Works in Progress Solo, Nowness 2016

Choreography by Melani De Guzman
Improvised collaboration with musician, Sam Budish

"During this performance, I wanted to let go of control. I wanted to be comfortable by surrendering to the unknown. My movement vocabulary was developed out of internal chaos and extreme exhaustion. Hands were a huge part of my motif as it resembles hard messy work. I wanted to share from a place of believing that however I was at the moment, was me in my most present self, and to be 100% unapologetic about it."


Anam Cara 2016

As an ongoing process of movement research about the intimacy of female friendships, Anam Cara celebrates how nurturing female bonds can serve as a powerful tool in one's life. Anam Cara, explores feminine body language as seen through the lens of outsiders, as well as the psychological tension women experience within themselves and with each other when they feel times of self loathing. The movement language of this piece is driven by emotional and conceptual impulses - improvisation and narrative-based tasks become generative devices to further detail the story, and structured improvisational games and tasks are based on real life scenarios from the dancers' lives.

Choreography by Melani De Guzman
Performers: Kaitlyn Petrik & Melani De Guzman



V I S C E R A 2016 is inspired by the psychological journey of imagination. It explores one's extreme ability to fantasize, exposing the dark vulnerable sides of the mind that are often repressed. V I S C E R A invites the audience to this artistic realism, finding beauty in extreme conflicts within fantastical situations.

Choreography by Suku Lab Dance
Production by Suku Lab Dance